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Managed Services Portal API

Take the Managed Services Portal to the next level! Did you know that you can integrate the powerful tools Managed Services brings you directly into your own management system? Lumen offers a robust Application Programmers Interface (API) to all of our customers. The API is a standard SOAP web service that makes integration simple and our integration guide will walk your programmers through any questions they may have. The SavvisStation Portal API will allow you to seamlessly embed important operational information on your Savvis services into any other system. What?s more, the API is securely protected and encrypted.

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Information on Tickets, Events, and Maintenance Activities can be accessed through the API.

   • Create Ticket
   • Add note to ticket
   • Retrieve ticket data for a specific ticket
   • Retrieve list of tickets
   • Retrieve list of ticket subjects
   • Retrieve Journals

   • Search for and retrieve list of events
   • Retrieve Journals

Maintenance Activities
   • Retrieve list of future maintenance activities

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